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Fishing At Hurlston Hall

Hurlston Hall Fishery offers mixed Coarse and Carp Fishing With Night Fishing & Food Available!

We are working hard to bring our members a peaceful, enjoyable fishing experience with the following perks... Limited number of members (Join for just £20 per year), Clean Toilet facilities on site, Home cooked food, hot and cold drinks delivered to your swim, amazing stock of Carp and Coarse fish that offer great sport and a good bend in the rod with specimen Carp growing in excess of 25lb, Bream, Tench, Silvers and more... We offer night fishing for Carp & specimen anglers and will be developing the site as we move forward over the coming season to make fishing at Hurlston Hall even better. Our family run, relaxed approach and peaceful, secure surroundings make for a great fishing trip. Please make sure you have read the rules and all of the information on this website and remember please do not just turn up to look around without letting us know first, everything you need is on this page!! 
Pricing & Rules

We have RULES in place to protect the Fishery, our stocks and our guests, please take note:

Our rules are in place for a reason and anglers must abide by each rule. Should an angler be found to be breaking the rules they may be asked to leave the site without refund. Our fishery team are on hand to help out and make sure everything is safe and secure but anglers are also responsible for their own health and safety, the safety of others and the protection of the site. Any issues should be reported immediately. An emergency contact number is displayed in the fishery office window and on this website, please take note of it in your phone and use it should an emergency or security issue ever arise or in the case of a tethered fish. You should also call for assistance if you catch a carp over 25lb in weight as we would like to make sure it is properly photographed for our records. Please make sure you read and agree to all of the following before fishing at Hurlston Hall Fishery. Thank You For Your Help!
Fishing Times & Prices
Day Sessions March to October 7am—7pm - £11
Day sessions November to February 8am – 4pm - £8
Concessions over 65’s Tuesday--- Thursday at all times - £8

24 Hour fishing (12 noon – 12 noon)

Peg’s must be cleared by 12 noon on the day of leaving

24 Hour 3 rods - £25.00
48 Hour 3 rods - £45.00
72 Hour 3 rods - £65.00
96 Hour 3 rods - £85.00
120 Hour 3 rods - £105.00


For any longer sessions or lake bookings / events please contact us
Fishing Rules
Our Rules are here to protect the fishery, the anglers and the environment, we take a dim view of those who break the rules and you may be asked to leave without refund should you be found to be in breach of any of the following, if in doubt ask, we are fair and very approachable, we want you to catch and enjoy your time, any problems just ask!!
Main Rules & Guidelines For Anglers Fishing Hurlston Hall Fishery

All anglers must report to the main office prior to fishing or entering the lake area

Please bring barrows back when you arrive at your swim for the next person to use

The main entrance gate is only be used as an unloading area once unloaded all vehicles must park in the main golf car park, please respect other anglers and other site users, speed limit is 5 mph and we remind anglers to not block the road.

Strictly - No spectators or visitors except by prior arrangement with the site manager on duty.

The main gate will be locked at 7pm promptly in the summer and 4pm in the winter.

Any takeaway food deliveries etc can be deliver to the main gate if the gate is locked food can be passed through the gate, 

Climbing over the gate is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

An Emergency number is provided if you need to leave when the gate is locked.

Pegs must be kept clean and tidy at all times no rubbish to be left on the peg please take it home with you or there is a general waste bin provided at the main gate please use it.  

Please use the toilets and remember to dispose of bivvy loo waste responsibly (and double bag any such waste)

Please do not discard cigarette butts, put them in the buckets or bins provided

Anyone wishing to view the lake must notify a member of staff so an appointment can be made.

No fish are to be introduced or taken from the lake.

No under 16s without an experienced fishing parent/guardian

No tents or gazebos only angling bivvies / brollys are permitted.

No dogs allowed

Please respect the wildlife around the area.

Payment for fishing must be paid in advance or upon arrival where you will be given a receipt for the duration of your stay


Please do not move your peg without asking a staff member first as it may be reserved or scheduled to be closed / maintained

Please keep the toilets CLEAN and as you would expect to find them.

Please keep the paths clear to allow staff and anglers unrestricted access - please be prepared to help other anglers to pass if required

Please keep any stoves / bbq off the ground so as not to burn the ground or grass

Air Rifles / Weapons of any kind should never be brought onto the fishery property

Fishing from designated swims only please

Bivvies to be set up as far back as possible

Permitted Tackle

Maximum of three rods can be used.

Rod License MUST Be Valid and in your possession before you fish

No fixed rigs or unusual rigs - there are countless resources online to help make sure you are fishing safely!

Safety rigs only - these must be able to lose the lead or the hook-link if snagged or if your line snaps 

if you are unsure please ask a member of staff

BARBLESS HOOKS only to be used please don’t be offended if the bailiff ask to see your rigs - rig checks are in force

Tubing or (SAFE) Leaders must be used

 No braided main line

No floating / surface fishing or surface baits please

Reel in any spod and marker rods after use - do not leave markers out unattended

Minimum mainline of 12lb for Carp Fishing

Bait boats are allowed. if not used sensibly their use will be reviewed

Fish Welfare

Rods must not be left unattended in the water (EA rules state you must not be more than 3 meters from your rods).
All landing net’s cradles and slings must be properly dipped in our tanks before they are used on the lake for at least 3 minutes and should then be left to dry - please only bring properly dried nets, slings and cradles with you to prevent disease

When you hook that biggie don't panic! make sure you are able to give the fish line by adjusting your reel accordingly or use the back wind function, never drag a fish, let it fight itself out naturally and be patient, we expect anglers to take good care of our fish and the main cause of damage comes from aggressive playing or "bullying" of fish when on the hook. There are very few snags at Hurlston and unless you really have to you should be able to manage your catch comfortably without putting the breaks on too hard.

Repeated bullying of fish may result in a ban - if you are unsure please ask!

Multiple runs are a thing here, you may need to reduce the number of rods you are using if it goes crazy so you don't get into a mess, please don't be offended if you are asked to do this by a bailiff, it is not a bad problem to have :)

Please bring your catch in carefully, as we request and leave it to recover in the net for a few minutes after capture before unhooking, weighing and photographing.

When transporting fish from the water to the cradle make sure the landing net is rolled down ensuring fins are not crushed

Keep the fish wet at all times especially during the summer months - cradles must be wet before use

Keep a bucket of water beside your cradle at all times
Please do not stand up with ANY catch to minimise risk of dropping or damaging a fish
Please make sure the fish are fully recovered before release.
Carp Care/ Orabase/Clinic/Bonjela treatments must be applied to all hook holes and any body damage on the carp.

We may close certain areas, or the lake completely when fish are spawning, please note we will only do this if necessary, please respect this and know it is for the welfare of the fish, we may also decide to close areas of the lake in very hot weather and may ask that anglers do not fish close to any air pump or other countermeasures we may put in place

All fish must be returned to the water as soon as possible any mortality (Dead Fish) must be reported to the bailiff, PLEASE leave the fish in the water until the bailiff attends - do not try to move any dead fish or animals you may find, always report to the bailiff.

Use of the boat is not allowed, if a fish is tethered please contact the bailiff who will decide whether use of the boat is required.

You should also contact us and get help if you know a fish is tethered or snagged or if any animal or bird is in distress

NEVER lift a fish over the ground by hand, fish must only be moved in a net or sling and a cradle must be in place, and must be wet prior to being used. 

You will only be permitted to carp fish if you have a cradle and large landing net (note these must be set up first and packed up last)

If you do not have a big landing net and accidentally hook a carp while fishing for smaller fish please ask for help, alternatively you can hire cradles and nets from the bailiff or the cabin £5.00 each with a £30.00 deposit refunded on return.


No feeding of maggots for carp fishing please

No nuts of any description - No meats - No dog biscuits

All baits must be used in moderation.

Please make sure to take unused bait home, do not throw it in the lake

General Notes

Hurston fisheries reserve the right to change the rules and conditions at any point if deemed necessary.

Please have respect for other anglers and staff - verbal abuse will not be tolerated

Keep Lights to a minimum and alarms on receiver only, turned low at night please for the sake of the local residents

Radios are allowed but must be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb other anglers.

Alcohol is permitted in moderation (crates of beer is not acceptable)

Drugs are strictly forbidden.


We reserve the right to close for matches, special events and for maintenance - dates will be posted well in advance on this page and on social media - please make sure you check this list regularly - closures will generally be at the weekend and only a few times each year.

Please take care not to cross other people's lines and do not cast more than half way across the lake if someone is opposite you, if you are not sure where others are fishing please ask them, making a scene will result in a ban.

Additional Information
Hurlston fishery is not a natural lake,it was created in 1983/84 as a trout fishing venue, which operated for about 10 years before changing to a mixed coarse fishing lake.

The spoil which was removed was taken to Liverpool and used to create the International Garden festival as part of the government attempts to regenerate the area,The site now is mostly domestic housing.

Over the years there has been lots of changes around the fishery virtually on the same site there is now an 18 hole golf course, gym,spa and swimingpool. (Hurlston Hall Golf Club)

After the lake was formed a major sapling planting scheme was undertaken the saplings now have matured and the lake now surrounded by mature trees and shrubs which keep the wind at bay and a most pleasant area to fish. 
The History Of Hurlston Hall Fishery

Are you part of our History? Send us your OLD Photos and read below to find out more about our awesome little fishery in Lancashire... 

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Lake Info
All areas of the lake produce fish and if you fish well it is very likely that you will have a result even in cold weather. The lake gets shallower as you head further around into the bay. There are lots of margin areas to go at and lots of interesting swims. Simple tactics work best, you do not need to over complicate things. Small amounts of feed introduced regularly will work as will small pva bags, feeders or just a float in the margins with some simple bread flake or maggots. The lake has a reasonably flat bottom with very few snags the depth is consistent at around 5ft deep, shallowing off slightly to 3ft in the bay. 

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